I am the bridge between tech ideas and real products

16+ Years = Artifical Intelligence, CRM, Big Data, Internet of Things, Cloud computing, SCRUM, C#, C++, JavaScript EC5,6, TypeScript, NodeJs, AWS, Azure, .NET/Core, MVC, HTML, GIT, Travis, Jenkins, Electron, Linux, Mongo DB, SQL Server, Postgress, Android, Keystone, Respberry Pi

Serial entrepreneur, tech regulations, investor, fluent English and Spanish

Disruptica: an artificial intelligence studio helping corporations and innovators to go from idea to product faster, stronger, better

Code4It: a social benefit corporation providing technology education to Hispanics to compete in digital economies

I am an entrepreneur

I provide social impact

Computer vision technology for public health in Honduras.

Open Source initiative for the Intern-American Development Bank.

Salesforce CRM implementation for Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP).

Crowdsourcing implementation for Global Indicators Group, Doing Business Subnational, and Power Sector with The World Bank Group

Nexso reached 60K+ innovators with $5M+ in funding opportunities accross the Americas and Smartmap provided data to 26+ countries and 14K+ municipalities for making smarter decisions with the Inter-American Development Bank

Artificial Intelligence business development

Machine Learning, Web, Mobile, API and IoT development

Software Architecture

Disruptive and Design Thinking

Agile Project Management


Specialized in Crowdsourced Technology Projects


I turn tech ideas into disruptive products

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